II International Scientific and Practical Conference

Cooperatives for sustainable development

Russian University of Cooperation, Mytishchi, Russia

July 1, 2024

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Conference announcement

On the International Day of Cooperatives, July 1, 2024 at the Russian University of Cooperation.

On July 1, 2024, the cooperative movement celebrates the International Day of Cooperatives under the motto "Cooperatives for Sustainable Development". The cooperatives were the first in the world to support the sustainable development goals and have been recognized as a UN partner in achieving these goals. On this day, on the International Day of Cooperatives - July 1, 2024, the Russian University of Cooperation on the OpenScience platform is holding a correspondence conference "Cooperatives for Sustainable Development".


- the role of cooperatives in ensuring food security and improving the nutrition of the population;

- promotion of cooperatives for sustainable agricultural development;

- quality education and lifelong learning opportunities in educational organizations of consumer cooperation;

- economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work in cooperatives;

- consumer cooperation infrastructure and innovation in cooperatives;

- cooperatives and law.

To participate in the Conference, write, or co-author, a short (3-5 pages) article on one of your chosen topics and send it to us for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. So you will become a participant of the conference, following which a collection of its materials will be published (with the assignment of a unique international ISBN number), the full version of which will be available to the conference participants.

Each publication will have UDC, JEL and EDN codes, and conference participants will receive a NAME CERTIFICATE, the authenticity of which can be verified at any time on the OpenScience platform. An insignificant registration fee is provided - only 150 rubles per article, regardless of the number of co-authors and its volume. This is less, significantly less, than conference organizers usually charge. And we do not set any requirements for publications. We will format it ourselves and edit it if necessary. Your article can be of a scientific or research nature, be an overview or generalization, contain practice-oriented recommendations, pedagogical or methodological aspects of the disciplines taught, statistics or analysis of the economic activities of consumer societies - we will accept everything. Provided that the article will correspond to one of the above topics.

Think about it, by participating in the Conference, you will gain more, much more than just justify your participation costs..

Firstly, you will have your own verified participant CERTIFICATE, which you can add to your portfolio.

Secondly, among the participants of the conference, the organizing committee will select the winners and laureates of the competition of works and issue the corresponding (with signatures and seal of the Russian University of Cooperation) DIPLOMAS of winners or laureates of the competition.

Thirdly, the organizing committee will summarize the materials submitted by you, and present the most striking of them, with an indispensable indication of authorship, to the leadership of the Central Union of the Russian Federation.

Fourthly, you will once again feel like a part of a large community of cooperators and, perhaps, enjoy it. Agree, because each of us strives to be part of something big.

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